2-Way Kegerator

Unlock the flexibility of dual dispensing with our 2-way kegerator. Whether for home or commercial use, enjoy the convenience of offering two beverages on tap. Elevate your dispensing experience with precision and style. Explore the excellence of our 2-way kegerator today!

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A 2-way kegerator keeps your favourite beverage chilled in the comfort of your outlet. The best ones can hold a keg or two or even three and dispense icy brews and beverages with perfect pressure.


Product Details:

Taps 2
Capacity 2 kegs
Material Stainless Steel
Usage/Application Beer and Beverage Dispense
Brand Brew Driver
  1. Question: What is a 2-way kegerator?
    • Answer: A 2-way kegerator is a specialized refrigeration unit with the capability to dispense two different beverages on tap simultaneously. It offers versatility for those looking to provide a variety of drinks.
  2. Question: Can I dispense non-alcoholic beverages with a 2-way kegerator?
    • Answer: Absolutely! A 2-way kegerator is versatile and can dispense various beverages, including non-alcoholic options like sodas, sparkling water, or kombucha.
  3. Question: How does a 2-way kegerator differ from a single-tap kegerator?
    • Answer: A 2-way kegerator allows for the simultaneous dispensing of two different beverages, providing more options for users. It’s an excellent choice for those who want variety in their dispensing setup.
  4. Question: Can I customize the temperature settings for each tap on a 2-way kegerator?
    • Answer: In many cases, yes. Some 2-way kegerators come with dual temperature control, allowing you to set different temperatures for each tap to cater to the specific requirements of different beverages.
  5. Question: Are 2-way kegerators suitable for home use?
    • Answer: Yes, 2-way kegerators are available in sizes suitable for home use, making them perfect for enthusiasts who want the flexibility of dispensing multiple beverages without sacrificing quality and freshness.