Beer Foam Detector

Beer Foam Detector reduces the amount of CO2 or Beer Gas used because it no longer fills the supply line and escapes out of the tap. We can supply the Beer Foam Doctor anywhere in India at the best possible rates.




  • The original DFC9500’s composition and design have been carefully studied by the Canadian Plastic’s Institute and all of their recommendations have been implemented in the design of DFC9500.
  • Our use of the high quality “Engineering Grade” plastics, and design modifications, recommended by the Institute have made the DFC9500 extremely durable and strong. Although we don’t recommend it, the DFC9500 is strong enough to lift a full keg off of the ground.
  • The DFC can be fitted with any one of five(5) different base configurations.(see below for details)
  • Easy to operate. After changing keg’s beer flow can be restored with the twist of the wrist.
  • Simple installation takes less than five minutes.
  • The DFC9500’s non intrusive design allows it to be installed without having to make changes to the existing system (cutting into supply lines, new fittings etc.).
  • Installation can be done directly on the keg connector.

The base configurations are:

F10/M10 G5/8” female inlet and a G5/8” male outlet. This base is known as a “Keg Mount Base”
F8/M8 1/2 ”female inlet and a 1/2 ”male outlet. This base was designed to be used on MicroMatic tapping heads. This base is also known as a “Keg Mount Base”
M10/M10 G5/8 ”Male inlet and outlet. This base is known as a “Wall Mount Base”
FJG6/ FJG6 3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the inlet and the outlet. This base accepts 3/8 ”O.D. tubing. This base is also a “Wall Mount Base”
F8/FJG6 1/2” female inlet with 3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the outlet. This base is also called a “Keg Mount Base.”
F10/FJG6 G5/8” female inlet with 3/8” John Guest SpeedFit on the outlet. This base is also called a “Keg Mount Base.”

Savings Chart

Foaming at the end of a keg and when starting a new keg cost bar operators profit from beer wastage at keg change over. Since the DFC9500 keeps the supply lines full during keg change over, this waste and subsequent loss of profit is eliminated. Average potential savings per keg change are illustrated below


Using a 3/8 inch Supply Line
10 ft 6 oz
30 ft 18 oz
100 ft 50 oz (2.5 pints)
150 ft 75 oz (Almost 4 pints!)