Mobile Beer Cooler 70L

Our mobile beer cooler with tower dispenser offers the best in design and convenience. Ideal for gatherings, events, or leisure time, this cutting-edge cooler combines portability with superior dispensing technology.


1. Portable Design: You can easily transport your beer cooler to any location, ensuring that cold beer is always available.
2. Integrated Tower Dispenser: Take advantage of the smooth, hassle-free pouring offered available with an integrated tower dispenser.
3. Temperature Control: Use cutting-edge cooling technology to keep beer at the ideal temperature.
4. Generous Capacity: sufficient space for several kegs, providing a variety of beverage tastes.
5. Sturdy Construction: Long-term use and reliability are guaranteed by using premium materials in a construction to last.
6. Easy to Use: It’s ideal for any event, from small get-togethers to big parties, thanks to its simple setup and operation.

With its ideal combination of portability, functionality, and style, our Mobile Beer Cooler with Tower Dispenser will enhance your beer-drinking experience.



Voltage(V) 220~240
Frequency(Hz) 50
Power(W) 430,450
Current(A) 3.1;3.3
Compressor(Hp)  1/3, 1/2
Refrigerant R134a/320g;360g
Capacity(L) 70
Cooling System Water Cooling
Thermostat Mechanical
Surface SS Color
Cooling Capacity(L) 200-250
Outlet Temperature(℃) 3~7
Unit Dimensions 56cm L x 55cm W x 82.5cm H
N.w Unit(Kg) 48.00
Box Dimensions 57cm L x 57cm W x 93cm H
G.w Unit(Kg)
Air Comapressor  Working Pressure /