Soda Gun Dispenser For Soda System

Soda Gun Dispenser For Soda System is a beverage dispenser that works for you.The Bar beverage dispensing system is fully hydraulic with no electronic parts. This makes our barguns ideal for wet bar environments.
A single gun serves up to 14 different products, including cola, tonic, juice, energy drinks, and soda.
Sophisticated flex-hose design with bar-mounted holster makes for easy access in crowded environments.
A patented hardened handle casing and stainless steel hose sheath offers extreme durability

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Additional Features:

  • A single gun serves up to 14 different products.
  •  Works with any bag-in-box system.
  • Easy flow control adjustment.
  • Flow regulated manifold offers a constant flow rate regardless of pressure variation.
  • Self-rinsing nozzle cup.
  • Easy removal of contact parts for routine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Flexible hose length from 90 cm to 210 cm.
  • Recirculation bargun—always serve the first drink at the right temperature.
  • NSF and ETL Sanitation Certified.