T Shape Beer Towers (5 Ways) Golden

Upgrade your bar with our golden T Shape Beer Tower, which combines style and function to provide an outstanding beer-serving experience.

1. Modern Design: The stylish golden T-shape gives your bar a sleek, modern look.
2. High-Quality Finish: A polished golden finish provides an elegant, glossy design while increasing durability.
3. Multiple Faucets: Suitable for busy pubs, this faucet allows you to serve a variety of beers at once.
4. Durable Construction: Using strong components that can handle repeated usage and ensures existence.
5. Easy Installation: Easily installed in any bar.
6. Consistent Pouring: Designed to provide the ideal pour each and every time, the beer flows smoothly and consistently.
7. Versatile Compatibility: Offers flexibility and simplicity of integration, compatible with a range of beer systems.

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Enhance the look and feel of your bar with this elegant golden T Shape Beer Tower. This eye-catching beer tower, which guarantees a smooth and pleasing pour every time, adds a modern flair to any bar setup. It was designed with efficiency and style in consideration. It stands out as a unique feature in any commercial space, thanks to its robust design and glossy finish.

Body MaterialFinishTubeTap ThreadCoolingLedFaucetsN.W/Unit(kg)Pcs/CtnBox DimensionG.W/Box(kg)
SS304Polished / PVD SS304G5/8 WaterYes510.50192.5cm L x 84.5cm W x 24cm H12.48