6 Beer Line + 2 Glycol Line Beer Python Tube For Glycol Dispensing System

6 Beer Line + 2 Glycol Line Beer Python Tube For Glycol Dispensing System

  • Silver Coated Python Trunk line meets rigorous requirements for durability, fire performance, and flexibility.
  • Designed for use with glycol cooled dispense systems, it includes two product lines and two glycol lines that are colour coded.
  • This NSF approved trunk line is sold by the foot or meter.

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6 Beer Lines / 2 Glycol Lines Trunk Line for Glycol Refrigeration Systems

  • A trunk line that moves four products beer lines and two glycol cooling lines.
  • 19mm insulated thickness in the beer trunk line prevents any unwanted contamination to the beverage flowing through the tube.
  • Easy-to-discriminate colouring of the beer glycol lines and numbering of the beer lines keeps the products organized and separated.
  • Properly insulated with a soft foam material that is flexible and prevents moisture build-up.

Beer Trunk Line with 6 Beer Lines and 2 Glycol Lines for Glycol Cooling Systems

If you work in a bar or restaurant that dispenses beer using a long draw system, having a glycol cooling device is a must. The glycol will remove any unwanted heat from your beer, so when you pour it for your customer, it is at the optimal temperature. This particular trunk line has four different beer lines (so you can cool up to four different products at the same time, and two glycol lines for efficient cooling.

Beverage Applications of a Glycol Cooling System

Trunk lines can be used for more than just beer – you can cool wine, liquor, pop, and more!

Product Details:

Beer Lines 6
Glycol Lines 2
Material PE Material & Copper
Brand Brew Driver
Color Black
Size 3/8 “,1/2”
Thickness 19 mm
Wrapping Silver Coated
Usage/Application Bar & Brewery
Packaging Type Roll
Shape Round